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My Bio

Data File : Fefnir Fes

Faction: House Corrino/ Imperial Sardaukar/ Burseg Ranking

Sex: Male

Age: 36

Hair color: Black, shoulder-length

Eye color: Black

Unusual markings: Visible scar stretching across left eye and cheekbone, due to unknown battle circumstances. Traditional Sardaukar skin tattoo emblazoned on back of neck, to verify status. Like many Sardaukar, Fefnir keeps his hair long, to make the hiding of shigawire or other assasination tools possible within his locks.

Height/Weight/Built: 6'5", 235 lbs, towering stature and well-toned body.

Personality: The adverse life of a Sardaukar has hardened Fes into nothing more than a merciless, cold-blooded killing machine. All aspects of tenderness, love, and caring seem to have been stripped away, replaced by a welcoming for battle and an absence of mercy. An esteemed kindjal combatant and a tactical genius, Fes abides by a strange code of battle honor, always emphasizing a "fair fight" as he claims. He has been seen giving unarmed opponents a spare knife in battle, saying that he gets no pleasure in "killing a tiger without claws". His actions have given rise to the rumor that the Burseg is somewhat insane. His hot-headed, always serious and militaristic nature leaves no room for compassion or errors, and some began to quietly question his sanity after he voluntarily knifed a subordunate officer during training, after the soldier claimed Fes was "pushing him too hard". In reality, the Sardaukar have grown complacent and weaker and Fes knows it. He will stop at nothing to keep the Sardaukar up to their former glory, even if it means taking asinine steps to do so.

History: A commanding general of the Sardaukar, Burseg Fefnir Fes is a rare breed of soldier. Along with his title, he is by birth a member of the Noukker ranks, the small esteemed group of Imperial soldiers who hold blood relations to the Emperor. The Fes family traces their lineage back to the Emperor through the children of a concubine of Elrood VII, and as such have risen to aristocratic status on Kaitain. Accordingly, Fefnir, being the first-born son of Sargon Fes, was voluntarily and honorably given up to The Corps at infancy.

From this point on, he was subject to the torturous, hellish Sardaukar training on Salusa Secundus, meant to transform the soldier into the most battle-hardened in the known universe. As Fes grew in age and rank, respect came hand-in-hand with his honorable lineage. Eventually, his standout performances in training and his family's political sway advanced him from Bashar to Caid to eventually Burseg, making him a well-known general in the Sardaukar ranks.

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